Sorensen's Guide to Powerboats
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Welcome to Sorensen’s Guide to Powerboats! Eric Sorensen is well regarded internationally as a powerboat authority. His background includes 24 years of U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy operational at-sea service, as well as experience operating and analyzing many hundreds of commercial and recreational craft. Mr. Sorensen has a unique balance of academic training and operational experience and the ability to communicate highly technical subject clearly to a client or lay audience.

Powerboat Consulting

If you’re looking for a boat, but could use some 3rd-party insight and advice, Eric Sorensen works with boat buyers looking for expert boat shopping and evaluation advice on a personalized basis. This can range from a 30 minute phone call to an onsite dockside walkthrough and sea trial of several boats on your short list. Eric can help you consider the possibilities and make a decision that makes the most sense considering your boating lifestyle and budget.

We’d typically start with a phone call, narrow down the types of boats that are most appropriate, and then schedule an inspection and sea trial of the finalists that seem to best suit your needs. As an investment, this service represents a small fraction of the expense – to say nothing of the aggravation - of buying a boat that doesn’t end up meeting your expectations or needs. We can help you get it right the first time by avoiding boats that will never make you happy and finding one that will. Bring along a friend if you like, and you’ll have an enjoyable, unforgettable mini-seminar in boats!


For boatbuilders, Eric Sorensen brings a wide-ranging background and fresh perspective to the table for OEMs who want to either improve existing product or design superior prototypes. Areas for improvement are identified and several solutions for each are presented to management for consideration. Our focus is helping you increase profitability by building better boats and increasing customer loyalty. Give us a call to discuss possibilities.

Government and Commercial

With an extensive background including Coast Guard, Navy and commercial service, Eric Sorensen also works with these organizations to improve the seaworthiness, control, safety and comfort of vessels of all descriptions, including new rescue, patrol and work boats. Custom training programs to help your organization or group spend money wisely, accept delivery of the best possible product and meet your mission objectives are available.